Wash Fold Dry Hero

Laundromat with Wash, Dry and Fold Drop Off Service in Carrollton

Do you have a pile of laundry taller than a mountain? Can't seem to keep up with the tons of dirty clothes your kids keep producing? We have your solution... it's our Wash, Dry & Fold Service.  Our Wash, Dry and Fold Service (aka Fluff and Fold Service) can't be beat.

We will turn that mountain of dirty laundry into clean clothes. Just bring your clothes to the Wash Bowl Laundry and drop them off. Our experienced attendants know just what to do. As soon as you drop off they spring into action, sorting your laundry for washing. Rest assured they will handle your laundry with the utmost care. Your clothes are washed and dried completely separate from other orders. Once your clothes come out of the dryer they are immediately folded or hung on hangers. You get back your clothes bagged neatly in a folded stack.

Special instructions? We are happy to accommodate any special requests.