Wash Bowl Laundry Card

Laundromat with Card Laundry in Carrollton

Laundry Cards

No need to bring quarters to the laundromat anymore.  We now accept Credit Cards and Cash.  All our washers and dryers operate on our Laundry Cards. These cards are super convenient to get and use. Our attendants will be glad to help you get a new card at the X-Changer System. These cards are re-loadable and can be used visit after visit.

Registering Cards

You can easily register your card at the X-Changer System. Registering your card will protect you against the offhand chance you might lose it. We can replace money on registered lost cards onto a new card. We can also call you, if you might accidentally leave your clothes in a washing machine. You might even get a “Free Bonus Dollar” by registering your Wash Bowl Laundry Card.

Bonus Money

When you add a $10 Dollar bill on to your Wash Bowl Laundry Card - we give you a free Bonus Dollar! Every time you add at least $10 Dollars on your card you get a Bonus Dollar. A Twenty Dollar bill will get you a $2 Dollar Bonus. This is our way of rewarding our loyal customers.

Bonus Points

Each time you start a washer or dryer with your Laundry Card you get Bonus Points. The more you wash the more your points add up. When you reach a total of 300 Bonus Points you get $3.00 in free washes or dries.