Wash Bowl Van Side Pickup Delivery Hero

Pickup & Delivery of Laundry is now in West Georgia!

Clean clothes are now just a "Click" away with our Pickup & Delivery Service! Don’t have enough time to Wash, Dry and Fold that mountain of dirty laundry? We can make that mountain of dirty laundry disappear and reappear as fresh, clean laundry.  

To schedule a pickup, you just CLICK HERE. You can then choose a pickup time that is convenient for you. Once you have scheduled your pickup you will receive an email or text letting you know when our driver is on the way. Have your laundry on the front porch or side-door ready for the driver to pickup. Once the driver arrives, they will place your laundry in our delivery van. You will receive another email or text letting you know that your laundry is safe and sound on the way to the Wash Bowl Laundry for processing. Then our attendants work their magic cleaning your laundry. When completed your laundry will be fresh, clean and folded. The final step will be placing your laundry order back on the van for delivery. You will be notified when the driver is en-route to delivery and when the delivery is complete. Getting you clothes clean has never been easier!

It's a Fluff and Fold Service that delivers!